Bangla-106 - Bangladesh

Access to education and nutrition program for young children

Gournodi, Bangladesh






Grournodi is a parish in Chittagong Diocese with five thousand Catholics spread around twenty villages. The majority of the people live on farming, fishing and are daily labourers. The people are poor and illiterate. The parents cannot afford to send their children to school, instead they are sent to work to add income to the family. Many children are of single parents and have no other support from elsewhere. Understanding this situation, the RNDM sisters opened a residential home for the boys, from where they can be sent to the Parish School. If this hostel is not there, these children will never have an opportunity for any education. Coming from very poor and malnourished families the sisters want to give them some good and nutritious food and assist in their studies with special coaching. These boys are also given opportunity to develop their talents in art, music and dance.


Other information

GOALS: To restore access to educational rights so as to transform lives and society.

ACTIVITIES: To provide educational expenses and nutritious food

BENEFICIARIES: 25 boys at present, but will increase to 50 or more in next year 

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