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Food and accommodation for girls at Nirmalalaya

Almel, India South




India South


The RNDM presence at Almel, a rural village in North Karnataka was started in the year 1997. Bijapur is one of the backward districts in South India due to scanty rainfalls and frequent droughts. Infant and maternal mortality is very high and illiteracy, child labour, child marriage, malnutrition, HIV-AIDS and lack of basic necessities are very much prevalent here.  Our ministries here are manifold:  Organization of women’s groups to claim their respectful place in the society by way of self-help program, nutrition and hygiene program, rural health program  and adult education; Bridge classes for the grown up children who have never been to school or school drop outs.

Regular meetings and training are conducted for the women and convince them the need of educating their children. From 1998 onward we started the child labour elimination program through educative and community development. A residential child labour school was started in this village and hundreds of child labourers especially the girls rescued and rehabilitated through remedial education, mainstreaming in formal schools and follow up actions. A formal school and girls home was started in this village in the year 2000 with limited facilities. At present 30 girl children are in the home from different villages studying in our school.  Some of them are orphans or their parents migrate to cities to earn their living. The parents find it difficult to pay for the maintenance of their children. . There are government schools where the education is of low quality and does not cater for their career. It is due to the poor quality of teaching in government schools and the long distance the children have to walk to reach school. As a result there are many dropouts. Therefore residential home for the benefit of these children. The parents have a great desire to educate their children in our school, since they did not have the opportunity to study and these children are the first generation learners. The project is intends to provide residential care and education support for 30 poor children coming from the remote villages of Bijapur district.

Other information

GOALS: To provide care and educational support for school dropout girls

ACTIVITIES: The RNDM sisters will provide residential care, nutritious food, entertainment along with the formal education.

 BENEFICIARIES:  30 poor  girl children

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