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Health & nutrition Program at St. Thomas’ Hostel

Chatterhat, India Central




India Central


Darjeeling District is the northernmost district of the state of West Bengal in Eastern India in the foothills of the Himalayas and the southern part of the district bordering the countries Bangladesh and Nepal. Nearly four million laborers and workers work in tea gardens that are a mainstay of the local economy, in which people also earn their living by cultivating rice and collecting stones to be used for road construction or beside railway tracks. 52% of the workforce in these gardens is female and the women are forced to work in the tea gardens as they have no other means of livelihood and they feel helpless as they have to leave their children in the care of the older siblings or in a common shed of the tea garden. Most of the people work also in the field for cultivation of rice and vegetables and do not own land or own a small plot of land and stay in the tea estate or occupy the government land. They are not able to settle and the living conditions are very poor and pathetic due to poverty, lack of education, lack of hygiene and sanitation facilities. During monsoons the low lying areas are all flooded and the thatched homes and fields are under water and this causes physical vulnerability and people are prone to tuberculosis. Our program aims at promoting Health & Nutrition and Education for immigrant children from Bangladesh and Nepal in the hostel.


Other information

GOALS: Provide all round development and enhance dignity of the tribal and immigrant children through education, health care, nutrition and to help them become agents of social change.

ACTIVITIES: Provide proper nourishment and health care needed to gain the most out of their educational and physical growth and development.

BENEFICIARIES: 160 children

Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions - Casa Generalizia Roma 00164 (IT) - Phone: 0039 06 6615 8400 - Email: