Muuo (peace) women’s project



Social Development




The majority of women in Machakos are still disadvantaged in accessing jobs, markets and productive resources. In particular, widows, single mothers and poor women are obviously under-represented in social and political leadership; neither have their capabilities been developed to their full potential due to limited access to education, the high level of poverty and various forms of deprivation. Many parents cannot afford to educate their children who are then forced to engage in child labour. This particularly applies to teenage girls and occasionally these young girls expose themselves to unwanted relationships. Some of them become pregnant and are then single mothers; others are infected with other diseases. The MUUO (PEACE) WOMEN’S project through its activities will be able to develop educational skills through vocational training that will enhance the social living of the women towards a better life and sustainability. Those who will benefit from the project are schoolgirl drop-outs, women of low education and low income, widows from HIV/Aids families and their dependents. It is projected that upon gaining such skills they will be able to be employed or start their own small tailoring business leading to self-sustainment and self-dependence.


Other information

GOAL: Empowerment of the women of the Machakos area to become aware of, and to live fully their human rights, to appreciate the dignity of womanhood, while developing some leadership skills with a peace-making thrust.


  • Tailoring and Knitting
  • Bead-making – Rosaries, net covers, hair clips
  • Tie & Dye Materials, Soap making
  • Seminars and Workshops on General Life Issues every Friday
  • Seminars and workshops on National and International Events : International Women’s Day, World Environment Day, Justice and Peace, Human Rights, HIV/Aids (designated dates)

Group 1: Main Center: 25 young women (2015 – 2016)
Group 2: village: 20- 30 (widows)

OTHER INFORMATION: Machakos is situated in the Eastern part of Kenya, 64 kilometers southeast of Nairobi the of Kenya. It has a land-mass of 6,208 square kms and approximately 1,098,584 people.


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