Grade 12

Support poor girls to complete high school

Thu Duc






Almost 30% of the Vietnam population is living under the poverty line. In those poor families, parents who have no land or very small plots are not able to support their children to continue their study. So almost all of them, especially girls, just finish their primary school and have to work hard to get a little income for supporting their families, or they will get early married then they repeat the poverty circle of their parents. Besides, they also lack of both life skills and manual skills, hence they have to move place to places in order to be rent in casual works or to be unskilled workers in industrial parks. Since then, many poor girls from the rural areas have to face risks and dangers. Finally, they might fall into traps of the human trafficking when they believe in the sweet promises of high salary and nice works which can give them good opportunities to lift up their lives. In front of this situation, we, RNDM sisters open a shelter to welcome and to support the disadvantaged young girls who are eager to study and have heart to serve others in the future.

Other information

GOALS: offering the students good opportunities and a safe place to complete their high school.

ACTIVITIES: to provide accommodation and school fees in the shelter for these girls during the time of their studies to help them to complete their high school level and help them in career orientation suited for their better future.


OTHER  INFORMATION: with 90.549.390 (2011) inhabitants Vietnam belongs to the 13 most populated countries in the world. The capital is Hanoi (Hà Nội) which lies in the north and the largest city is in the south is Ho Chi Minh City (Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh) formerly known as Saigon. The economy of the country which relies strongly on the revenues of rice and other agriculture exports is in a state of transition. The expansion of foreign investing opportunities has led to a ‘transfer’ of new technology and knowledge to Vietnam, an increase of job opportunities and as a result a lot of poor families are able to escape from the poverty and improve their living conditions and situations.


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