Students searching for book - library Ndondol

Supporting the high school students with books in the library







The Library has been supporting students and teachers of the government High School in Ndondol. Students come from around villages of Ndondol. Since 2011 the school has opened its senior high school level. In 2015, the school will have the first group of students who will attend the public examinations for University entrance. But this has new demands on the library resources. During the school year of 2013-2014, 250 to 300 students used the Library regularly and in 2015 this grew to more than 400 students regularly coming to the library during their free periods, on average 35 – 40 students each day. The number of students has increased during the recent years, thus there are not enough books for students’ needs. Three students have to share one book. In addition, several teachers are proposing to offer “coaching classes” to students who have dropped out (many are girls) at the level of the 3rd and 4th year of secondary schooling. It is necessary to have books for all the students.


Other information

GOALS: to make resource materials is available and a place provided to the students and to the teachers where they can consult various topics to study, thus improve their academic performance and chances of passing their exams. This will help youth to build a better future with confidence through their educational success.

BENEFICIARIES: 400 to 500 students and 30 teachers.

ACTIVITIES: Sisters want to continue providing support to the students in the library with books for all the students.

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