Dear Sisters and Friends

Gratitude and Hope are the two sentiments that come to my mind as I pen these few lines:  gratitude to God and to all our friends and mission partners for the commitment and support towards the mission   projects of the Congregation during these difficult times; and hope that there will be greater solidarity as we experience and share together the pain and loss and look forward to the light at the end of the  tunnel after the Covid -19 pandemic. So let us keep our hopes alive, for that is the only way to life!

The invitation of God’s merciful heart challenges us and humanity as a whole at this current time of the world crisis. I am sure that we have all realized that we have been in the same turbulent sea, but on different boats. We are fragile and afraid but at the same time, it is important that we row together and support one another. We cannot go  on thinking of ourselves, but together we can make a difference to our humanity.  Responding to the needs of this time of pandemic, is a challenge for our missions. My prayer is that, God touches and moves our hearts, make us ever more ready to share with our brothers and sisters  so that they may live in dignity and freedom.

Thank you to all for your support for the 2020 Christmas Catalogue and this year’s Solidarity projects.  The articles in this newsletter will prove to you how your generosity and concern have helped others to live a life of dignity and hope.

God bless you, your families and communities!

Smitha Thomas RNDM

RNDM International Mission Newsletter, June 2021

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