Privacy Policy

(Last updated 29-May-2018)


Your privacy is important and we have built this website with the intention of protecting your privacy and complying with the law (including GDPR).

This privacy policy sets out the basis on which any personal data collected from you through this website, or that you provide to us, is used in order to comply as fully as possible with the law.

  • This site does not collect any personal information unless it is made totally clear that we are doing so (the contact page, for example).
  • We may keep a copy of anything you send to us by the forms on this website for our records in order to fulfil your requests. That includes your name, email address, your message and for security, the IP address from which you sent your message.
  • We do not share any personal information with anyone unless we are required to do so by law or in order to process your requests or orders.
  • This website does not operate any analytical software or cookies (eg Google Analytics).
  • The website may use cookies in order to assist with its functionality and how it appears on your screen.


We may collect and process the following data from you in the following forms:

  • A cookie, stored on the hard-drive of your computer.
  • Email communications from you via our contact page(s) or other web forms.


A cookie is a small data file that is stored on your computer. That data can be sent via your web browser to our website to help it process information and make decisions about how the page is displayed. For example, if you log in to the members pages, the website needs to remember that you are logged in. This information needs to be remembered for the next time you visit the site or even move to another page.
You can change the settings on your browser to not accept cookies, but that means that certain features of the website won’t work.


You may sign up to receive news from us by subscribing to our mailing list.

When you subscribe, we collect the following information about you:

  • YOUR NAME: So that we can address you properly when we write to you.
  • YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: So that we can write to you.

Other information is collected or calculated automatically as follows:

  • The time and date that you register, for statistical analysis.
  • A copy of the emails that we have sent to you.
  • Your IP address at time of registration. This information can be used to guard against fraud. We may update this information when you interact with our emails.
  • Whether you have responded to our emails by opening them or clicking on links. We use this to judge the effectiveness of our emails, what interests people etc.
  • When you interact, we may determine what kind of device you are using (smart phone, tablet, computer etc.) so that we can ensure our website is available to all users.

We use this automatically collected information to help ensure that we only send relevant information to you and to improve our service. No specific personal information is collected in this way.


If you no longer wish to receive emails from us then please write to us using our contact page.


If for any reason, you wish your details to be completely removed from our records, please write to us using the CONTACT FORM stating the email address that we have been writing to you and your full name. We will then endeavour to delete your records from our system within 30 days of receiving your request. We will write back to you to let you know that we have done so.

If you require a copy of the personal information that we hold about you and/or its processing then please also write to us as above and we will send you the requested information. We will not usually make a charge for providing this information but we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee in the case of repetitive, unfounded or excessive requests. If we consider it appropriate to charge a fee we will write to you to inform you of our reasons, the amount of the fee, and how to pay it.


If you have any questions at all about the use of data or this website and how it is run then please use the contact page to ask.

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