RNDM International Mission Office Newsletter April 2023

Dear Friends

I have recently returned from Kenya after visiting some of our missions where the sisters work among the poor and people with disability. At the Tei Wa Ngai Centre, I visited a family with disabled members – four of the six children are physically challenged and are living in the house with very little support. I met Jonathan and his brother John, two brothers who       became disabled in their teens due to mal-nourishment. It is very sad to see them sitting around the house unable to move or do anything for themselves, but Jonathan’s cheery smile captured my heart. Their   mother now has a pair of grandchildren of whom one is also disabled. Many parents still do not want to accept the children born with disability and they are often neglected or left to the grandmothers to care for them. It was a heart touching scene for me to see this grandmother caring for the two babies along with her sons. The Sisters help the family with food items and medication. Two boys are given wheel chairs, so that they can attend school. The drought situation in the country also makes it  difficult for them to cope with their daily life. I admire the sisters’ dedication and concern to support the persons with  disability and their families.

I am grateful to all of you, for your support in making a difference to the lives of such     people in our missions. We are able to do it only because of the ongoing generosity of you, our Sisters and Partners in Mission.  We express our appreciation to you on behalf of all the people whose lives will be improved due to your kindness and generosity. God bless you!

Wishing you and your families the Joy and Peace of the Risen Lord !  

Smitha Thomas RNDM 

RNDM International Mission Office Newsletter April 2023 

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