Here I am for you called me (1 Sam 3:6)

firstVows1The long awaited day of first profession of our four novices has dawned at last, and the Sisters, Novices and Aspirants have made united efforts to make this day a memorable one. The 28th February 2019 was a great   and an auspicious day for the three provinces of India, as our four novices Anjana Tirkey, Reshma Minz, Ribhalang Kurbah and Wanhun Ryngnga joyfully consecrated themselves to the Lord and became members of our RNDM family. The day was filled with joy and happiness.  The well-designed decorations and the presence of religious sisters, priests, neighbors, parishioners and well-wishers added colour and beauty to this occasion. We were very glad to have the parents and family members, who travelled from long distances to witness this great event. We also appreciated the presence of Sr. Mildred khongngain the provincial India North East and Sr. Anita Dung Dung team member of India Center.

firstvoews2The solemn Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Rev. Father Sagaya John the director of NBCLC, (National Biblical Catechetical & Liturgical Center). The encouraging words of the main celebrant still resound in our hearts. It is worth mentioning as it was like the watering of the fertile ground where the seeds were sown. In his homily he connected very well the Charism and Spirituality of our Congregation. He stressed on the importance of prayer and contemplation. To be able to live in the community and to go on the Mission we need to be contemplative like Mary. It is prayer that nourishes our soul and gives us strength to face obstacles on our onward journey in our religious life. Mary our model, who pondered the word of God even in the most painful moments of her life is our guide. Father also set the example of the Holy Trinity, to live in communion with one another.

To add more joy to this occasion we had a short felicitation porgramme followed by a fellowship meal.






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