KEUR SOEUR – Sister’s house

In Senegal, the word “keur Soeur” has a very beautiful meaning, very nice to hear. When the people get a cough, flu, fever …. the first place they would like to come to have the treatment is “keur Soeur” (dispensary of the Sisters).  They are ready to pay for the transport, to travel from 25 to 50 kilometers to go to “Keur Sœur” (dispensary), and to stay patiently to wait for their turn to have a consultation, without complaining. Our dispensaries are always full of patients. some times there are up to 230 patients per day. They keep saying “keur Soeur”, everything is good, “keur Soeur” has a warm welcome. The medicine from “keur soeur” is very efficient even though the Sisters buy the same medicine from the  health center.   How is the confidence the people put on our dispensaries, put on us?

Looking at the crowds of people coming to our dispensaries, looking at the patients getting better after receiving the treatment;  they leave our dispensaries with joy and say thanks to God and thanks to us. We feel happy and grateful to God to “highlight” our presence and we also thank all the staff who work with us with full of love for the patients whom they care for, who welcome the patients like their family members. We also say to ourselves; the patients keep coming to our dispensaries, it’s not because of us, who have the competence but the presence of Jesus Christ in our dispensaries. He is the One who continues doing the miracles each day, gives the healing for the people through our presence and through our actions.

It also reminds us of Euphrasie Barbier’s letter to Father Bruno on 22 May 1890: “…. we who are nothing have in mind not our own poor mission but solely the mission of the Incarnate Word who was sent by God…the Divine Mission of the Holy Spirit sent by the Father to sanctify the Church. This is the reason for the existence of the institute”.

Yes, it’s not our own mission, it’s the Mission of the Trinity, we are here in Senegal to collaborate with one another to realize the Divine Mission by caring for one another, to bring joy and happiness to all the people with whom we have the chance to work and to give our services for those who are suffering, and who are in need. Above all, we would like to continue to become the witnesses of God’s love wherever we are and in whatever we do.

Sister Teresa Nhan, RNDM

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