Dear Sisters and Friends,

During the 2021 Season of Creation, from 1 September through 4 October, hundreds of thousands of people untied around the theme, “A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God.” The word Oikos is Greek and means home or Earth community. We are called to care for the people; to care for the life of the waters; to care for life which flies, crawls, walks and the plants and trees that grow, and the rocks that sustain – to care for the air that is breathed by all of creation. In this Newsletter you find reflections, events, and commitments in caring for our common home. We are committed to respond to the challenges of RNDM CALL, to Care for all Creation, to Care for our Common Home!  May this issue of RNDM CALL motivate you to take concrete steps to make a difference. Have a reflective reading of contemplation and mission for the mother Earth.

“Triune Lord, wondrous community of infinite love,
teach us to contemplate you in the beauty of the universe,
for all things speak of you.
Awaken our praise and thankfulness
for every being that you have made.
Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined to everything that is.”

Sr. Vinitha Kurain


Celebrations Towards Awareness and Action!

*Environment Day * World Ocean Day * Ozone Day




T          TENACIOUS



Our Earth is the most beautiful planet in solar system and it is the only planet that has life. In ancient time humans had a good relationship with Mother Earth but since humans developed cities and industries, the modern lifestyle has changed. Human race has been using and misusing natural resources up to the limit. As a result of human activities there is a drastic change in our Mother Earth. It is very important to conserve our planet for the next generations with all the natural resources. It is essential to educate and conscientise ourselves and our  students about conserving and protecting our Earth.

Activities by the Students, Teachers and Parents of Maria Bhavan School.

* Echo friendly dress challenge * Poster marking (save nature , save earth )* Collage making ( from newspaper cuttings) * Water colour painting ( save nature) * English poem recitation ( Topic : protection of earth) * Drawing competition ( conserve biodiversity to preserve humanity ) * Kitchen garden making * Speech competition * Poem writing * Selfie challenge ( plant a tree along with your family ) * Make an own voice video ( save nature save future)* Art and craft with waste materials * Awareness class on water pollution through online * Video presentation on ozone depletion * Dance presentation related to ozone depletion

Ozone Layer one of the most important protective layer around our Earth which is depleting due to the human activity. On 16th September, 2021 Maria Bhavan School celebrated Ozone day in order to up skill our children about the importance of protecting the devouring ozone layer.

Maria Bhavan School, Amalapuram, Kerala.

 Homemade compost for plants

In order to make a compost, you need a container or a ditch or a garden pot. Make sure that some holes in the container so as to let some air in easily. To prepare the most nutrient compost, you require these ingredients such as egg shells, neem leaves, banana peels, kitchen waste, compost and garden soil.

Sr. Pradhansia Kullu Making the compost
  • Layer the bottom of the container with 1 inch of garden soil and above that put the compost which will help to introduce the correct bacteria.
  • Garden soil: It will keep the bad smell away and it will fasten the composting process.
  • Compost: It will introduce the bacteria and earthworms which will fasten the composting process.
  • Kitchen waste: Add the kitchen scraps like fruits and vegetables scraps because they are high in nitrogen, break down quickly and activate heat process in your compost.
  • Banana peels: It will add potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Egg shels: Egg shels are made out of calcium carbonate and it helps the plants to develop a strong cellular structure. It adds calcium and other minerals in the compost.
  • Neem leaves: Rich in vitamins and minerals. Helps to increase plants resistance to pest attacks. It will add anti-bacteria properties to your compost.

Earth abode of all lifeforms

I pay my tribute to the mother earth
Life planet, how wonderful and great are you!
You cradle, nurture and bring forth creation,
You dare to care, bearing the needs of all

Nature the panoramic beauty
seas and oceans, holds mysteries
manifold flowers, plants spread its fragrance
vibrant colours brighten the day

I am embarrassed and saddened on the pain you bear
Trees cut, selfish greed, huts moved and flats step in,
climate change, global warming, natural disasters
dreadful virus wipes away millions overnight

Your soul crying out, breathless and lifeless
flight of the million children, women, refugees, migrants
war, violence, turmoil that submerges,
innocents find no safety on our common home

You continue your pilgrim journey,
creating-recreating, reforming, transforming
may we share your richness as stewards
collaborating enhancing in the redemptive -mission
 Sr. Jyothi Joseph  

Stay connected and bring peace!

Only by staying calm and connected with mother earth we can bring peace. The picture symbolises we human beings need to stay united. We have a heart to respect everyone’s heart but we all don’t realize it. Due to our arrogant and disrespect, Mother Earth is dying. Only by saving her we can live happy life, and enjoy freshness.

The hands describe no matter what religion, caste, culture we belong we are living in one earth one mother. On the left side of globe, it expresses how mother earth is weeping due to human greed. on the right side there is hope and happiness when we care for the Earth. There are church, temple and mosque on the globe which speaks to us no matter which religion we belong what name we name our God we are belonging to Mother Earth. We all are one and we come from one Earth. Only by saving Earth, respecting each religion and oneself we can stay in peace.

I am grateful to Sr. Helena Pamshong our Principal for giving me the opportunity to participate in drawing competition which was held on 4th October the theme on “Save Earth and stay in peace” which was conducted by Lions Clubs International District level.

                                                  Cheemantini, Class IX, Mariam Nivas School, Bangalore.


Nancy C. Preshitha Matha School. Mangad. Kollam, Kerala

 The beauty we ignore

Sr. Amirtha Ekka

To see, to observe, to feel   and to fall in love, it’s our mother earth. Have you ever really looked at trees, and seen their perfect beauty? Have you admired the beauty of creation? If not take time, look at the creation on earth and learn from it.  The creation and the environment are something great, something good and something special because it’s from God. In today’s contemporary world we humans have no love towards the environment, we forget that our life depends on nature, we neglect to admire and nurture, we destroy everything with our knowledge. Let us start now and begin to love and care for the nature. Save the nature and live the life to the fullest.


Take care of the Earth and She will take care of you

Environmental care and protection are not just the topics to debate but everyone’s responsibility to nurture. Environment isn’t asking us to preserve her for HER, but for our future generations. It’s time that we respect the Earth and learn to walk on it like the other creatures!

Our Environment is a notion that has always been very near and dear to the humankind. Even now the concept of the knowledge and the lifestyle of the people have been around how we look and how we look after our Environment. Mother nature works hard to ensure that life can exist (and coexist) in any form of weather. This is the only reason why we should never compromise in the defence of Mother Earth for all that she is doing for us.

This Pandemic has shown us how Mother Earth rejuvenated from the effects of air pollution as there were lesser number of vehicles and industries practically put on hold. We saw a cleaner and greener environment. That is what we need, to maintain the purity of the environment and not to pollute it. By conserving water, especially fresh water, we will not only save ourselves but also for the future.

The three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the principles that guides Mariam Nilaya School to prevent further damage to our environment and create a sustainable life. We conscientize the students relentlessly to nurture the Earth. Environmental Day / Vanmahotasav is not just an annual celebration rather we live through it, every day. From creative assemblies, debates, collage, drawing, painting, flower decorations, saving electricity, waste water management, rain water harvesting, kitchen gardening, plastic free zone in the campus and at home is imbibed in the students. The campus is a plastic free zone! Rain water harvesting, kitchen gardening, pledges, Annual exhibitions are further proof of the school ‘s commendable effort to Care for the Earth!

Mariam Nilaya School, Bangalore.

Contemplating God’s Love in the Universe

God’s infinite wisdom and goodness is seen in this Universe. The encyclical ‘Laudato si’ written by Pope Francis speaks so meaningfully about the interconnectedness of all Creation. The reflections from this document led me to a greater awareness; if I am one among the creatures then what is my responsibility? Pope says “The Earth was before us and has been given to us” I was taken up by these words because I felt that yes, this beautiful universe belongs to us therefore we are responsible for its sustenance. The earth loves me, every plant, even grass around me has a special remedy to cure my illnesses. What will be if the Sun doesn’t shine. The bird doesn’t sing anymore? Here I can see an intelligent and generous God who makes the world alive and be in their places.  God has created the universe in the contemplation of love. And everything is interconnected and interdependent. When the earth is sick the humanity is also sick because our health is not separated from the health of the environment in which we live.

One of the most exciting learning from the encyclical was that” The Parables of Jesus are agricultural based“. Yes, indeed its true Jesus uses the words like a mustard seed, wheat, grains, birds, trees etc. in order to communicate to the people in a very simple way; from this I have learnt to be humble to understand the needs of the others as well as the creation. Psalm 150: 6 says “Let everything that has breath give praise to the Lord”.  Therefore, I need not destroy even a tiny creature because they are on this earth to beautify God’s creation. The animals are created to honour, praise, make a joyful noise to God. In the same way I too am a nature of God, I need to care for each other so that all can sing the praises of God.

 The Earth itself has a unique story to tell and we humans are genetic cousin to every living being. There is a call within me to begin to see, love, care, nurture the nature and honour the pain of the world and try to heal the Creation as they healed me.

  ” We care for the soil and the soil cares for us”. Pope Francis

Sr. Banrilin Nongphlang


Focus on greening up!

Green Space – Identify areas unused in your campus, for a garden, pocket park, or mini-forest. Walk around your property and identify areas that are not being used. For example, perhaps there is a vacant lot or an unused parking lot. Brainstorm ideas for converting the unused land into a garden, pocket park, mini-forest to create green space.

Multiple studies have shown that these spaces reduce stress and boost mental and physical health. Green spaces are also associated with better air quality, cooler temperatures, and greater diversity. The World Health Organization (WHO) is highlight the importance of green space in well-being and public health.


The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; For

God founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters, Psalm 24:1-2.

  Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM)

India South Province, Dare to Care for our Common Home.

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