Thank you for the love and financial support of Ms Henrietta, a member of Care4thekids, who on October 20, 2017 enabled the students of RNDM Thanh Tam Charity School in Cu Chi to participate in a Careers Day. The students had a wonderful fun day of experimenting and learning about different occupations in the Career Guidance Center in District 4. The students were very happy and excited to role play different adult career areas such as pilot, firefighter, doctor, model, engineer, farmer etc. This was a wonderful opportunity for them to improve their social skills and expand their knowledge about their dream careers and occupations.

It was delightful to see the students get so much joy out of the event. At times the students worked as farmers in the field or role played dedicated postmen delivering parcels and letters. There were students who pretended to be pilots in the cockpit or students who were passionate in the laboratory. The image of students pretending to be firefighters pumping water to put out fires was particularly moving.

A beautiful lunch was shared and the students enjoyed an afternoon in the swimming pool. After a day of hard work in the Kiz City, the students of RNDM Charity School have learnt a lot. They now have a better understanding of how hard their parents work, an appreciation of the value of work and to respect the labourer and the dignity of all workers. Their faces were filled with joy and gratitude for the wonderful gift that they had received due to the generosity and kindness of our benefactors. The students went home with joy in their heart and with a wish that their career goals and dreams could come true some day in the future.

We thank God and are extremely grateful to our benefactors for their loving support and wonderful generosity. May we continue to work together to support these children so that they will have a better and brighter future.

Teresa Phuong Dung RNDM

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