Christmas Catalogue 2023

Empowerment of indigenous children Vinh Trang, VIETNAM

RNDM Vinh Trang community is surrounded by various indigenous villages where people are mostly farmers, and live a hard life. Being also uneducated they do not think of sending their children to school. The villagers live in remote areas, so there is no access to schools for the children. The RNDM Sisters run a residential home for indigenous children from where they can attend public schools in town. After school hours, the Sisters tutor them in the core subjects and help to improve their human development, life skills and faith formation. The students find a safe place to stay and a healthy environment to study in this home. Besides, the sisters provide them with quality food, school fees, study materials and any other needs. The sisters also assist the parents to see education as a possible way to overcome poverty and thus motivate them to support their children. We request your help in enabling a better future for the ethnic children of Vinh Trang.


Education affected by climate change, Silchar INDIA NORTH EAST

The RNDM Sisters run a diocesan school at Silchar in India North East. There are 450 students from nursery to class VI. They come from remote villages and poverty-stricken families. The weather in summer is hot and humid while the rainy season comes with floods and landslides, causing great difficulties for the children to attend school. Since many students come from far- flung villages, some stay in the residential home, which, however, lacks basic facilities like desks and chairs, shelves etc. Since power failures happen frequently, the students are often left in the dark, so require solar lamps. As they come from low economic backgrounds, the parents are unable to support them financially.

We would be grateful for your generous contribution to meet the needs of these children and to provide adequate study facilities.


Support children affected by conflict MYANMAR

Myanmar has been facing very difficult times. Poor families and unemployed people are mostly affected by the country’s socio-political and economical unrest and struggle to cope with life. The youth are revolting against the military government in order to support the people. The lives of youth and children are traumatized and one cannot imagine the future of Myanmar. Added to that, are the natural disasters that often hit the country leaving many families homeless and in poverty. Education is the only hope but the children, especially girls, have no chance to go to school. The RNDM Sisters accommodate 50-60 children at the residential home in Sittwe to give them the opportunity for education. The Sisters are unable to meet all their needs due to financial challenges.
We request your kind support so that we can offer them a more hopeful future.


Providing quality health services, Kariakomo KENYA

Kariakomo Parish Dispensary began operating in 1973 under the auspices of the local parish, thanks to funds raised by that parish. It grew to have more facilities and eventually upgraded to a Health Centre. The government seconded certain qualified staff to assist in the delivery of services. Over the years the facilities deteriorated and due to financial challenges and staff being withdrawn, the services were not adequate and the Centre was closed.
In 2023 there is still a great need for these health services in the area. As the RNDM Sisters have a community in Kariakomo they were invited to take responsibility for this Health Centre. Now the Centre attracts many patients due to the presence of the sisters, but requires major repairs and better facilities.
We seek your support in renovating the Centre and for purchasing equipment, medicines and afford staff salaries.

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