The Novitiate has been known as the cradle of consecrated life, the school named “Jesus”, where generations of sisters of Our Lady of the Mission (RNDM) have been trained. From this same school, many zealous missionaries have been born, ready to go out and awaken the world with compassion, hope and their witness.

On December 9, 2022, sisters, novices and aspirants in the Thu Duc area joined the celebration of the 60th year of the Jubilee of the Novitiate in Thu Duc.

From morning prayer, everyone was immersed in the sacred atmosphere when the history of the Novitiate was read. Everyone gave God deep gratitude for the many blessings he has poured out on the Novitiate. It is a blessed day to look back at the lovely images of the novice directors and novice groups who grew up in this sweet home.

After the Mass, everyone enjoyed a little snack and briefly visited every corner of the Novitiate. The laughter and stories about the Sisters’ memorable memories aroused indescribable joy in the hearts of aspirants and students.

May God continue to reign and sanctify this “school” so that it will forever be the sweet rendezvous of every sister of Our Lady of the Mission with God.


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