‘A Sense Of Coming Home’

Returning to the Thu Duc Community four years since our last visit was like returning home. We were greeted with the familiar warmth and hospitality of the RNDM Sisters and immediately felt part of this faith-filled community.

Sacred Heart Girls’ College, Oakleigh, in partnership with the Vietnam Province has enabled us to experience community life in Thu Duc and to share our teaching and conversational skills with the students, Aspirants, Novices and Sisters. For the past two weeks we have taught a total of four classes per day, sharing language, culture, stories, food, Charades and many laughs.

We have been touched by the gentleness, acceptance and generosity of spirit of the Sisters. It has indeed been an enriching and rewarding experience for which we are most grateful.

Margaret Connolly & Mary Compton

Sacred Heart Girls’ College

Sacred Heart Girls’ College1

Sacred Heart Girls’ College2

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