Campaign against Hunger and Disease

Hunger, disease, pain and suffering is so evident in the world we live in. It is a choice whether we avert our eyes or do something to alleviate the sufferings of our brother, our sister. Here at Queen of the Missions School, Kolkata, Sharing and caring are two of the very important values which are inculcated in the children. In connection with this, they hold a Campaign against Hunger and Disease, every year. It is with great pride and excitement, that the preparations are made. Every single person is deeply involved in deciding on just how to bring in some funds to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Each class decides the food items they will sell, as well as the games stalls they will put up. And of course, Class IX has the privilege of putting up the much awaited “DISCO”! For days before the event, the excitement is palpable in the air. ‘Puchkas’, ‘chaat’, ‘jhaal muri’, ‘chowmein’, are some of the hot favorites. These items are lovingly prepared by the mothers and carefully carried to school by the girls. Every year new items are added to the menu card by classes. This year it was ‘cupcakes’ and believe me, they disappeared quicker than quick. The icing, the decorations were all done by the children themselves, in the school which saw the excitement thermometer reach its zenith. Food, games, dancing – and how can one forget to mention- icec-ream! The ice-cream stall does swift business with teachers controlling the crowd eager for ice-cream. Sisters and teachers are on their toes – either at the stalls, or keeping an eagle eye on the little ones, so that no one gets hurt. The lab gets metamorphosed into a “Lucky Dip” stall, with long queues outside awaiting their turn. On another day, the “Sisters and teachers” excitement reaches a feverish pitch, because now it is their turn to host the Hunger campaign. Delicious snacks made by the sisters and teachers are sold to the children, eager to sample the fare made by those who teach them History or Mathematics or Chemistry. A lottery, which has been planned much advance by the teachers is finally closed on that day with the choosing of the lucky number and the giving of gifts to the lucky winners. The campaign against Hunger and Disease teaches the children to work unitedly for a worthy cause and give cheerfully for as the Bible says, “The Lord loves a Cheerful giver”. We raised US $ 2000 and more to the Solidarity F und of the congregation of Our Lady of the Missions.

Sr. Joicy RNDM

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