Embracing Eternal Vows

It was a day of devotion at Shillong Cathedral 16th December 2023. In a joyous ceremony bathed in the soft glow of dawn six of our sisters took their Perpetual Vows, pledging their lives to a path of faith and service. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Sr. Flavy Castelino, the Province Leader of the South Province, and Sr. Anita Moolan from India Central. The Most Rev. Victor Lyngdoh, the Archbishop of Shillong Archdiocese, presided over as the main Celebrant for this auspicious occasion. His Grace added a solemn touch to the ceremony, marking it as a significant milestone for the six sisters undertaking perpetual vows.

The Cathedral of Shillong Archdiocese provided a sacred backdrop for the event, creating an atmosphere of reverence and spirituality. Around twenty-one priests participated as con-celebrants, contributing to the solemnity and significance of the ceremony. The proceedings commenced with a procession, led by the RNDM Sisters, accompanied by the clergy and his Grace, Archbishop Victor Lyngdoh DD.

The ceremony unfolded with rituals and prayers, symbolizing the commitment of the six sisters to a life of perpetual dedication to their religious calling. As the main celebrant, |His Grace, Archbishop Victor Lyngdoh delivered a heartfelt homily, emphasizing the importance of the vows being pledged and offering guidance and blessings to the newly professed sisters. His words resonated with wisdom and spiritual insight, leaving a lasting impression on all present. The culmination of the ceremony featured a vote of thanks by two of the sisters, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event.

The entire congregation joined in prayer and blessings for the six sisters embarking on this lifelong journey of faith and service. The Religious Perpetual Profession ceremony was a harmonious blend of tradition, spirituality, and community support. It not only marked a significant moment in the lives of the six sisters but also strengthened the bond of the RNDM congregation and the broader religious community

Sr.Wanhun Ryngnga

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