As the year is approaching to an end we looked back and finally realized it’s time that we could recall the blessings of God in our life. It’s a joyful occasion for us to share about the amazing journey that we had experienced through the year in forming the young minds by instilling our Catholic faith in them, which has also done wonders of miracles in our faith journey. We appreciate of getting this opportunity in collaborating with different Congregations and lay people through which we build unforgettable bonded relationship, and we have also learnt a lot from one another. Apart from the normal Sunday classes there were also Sundays that we had pomp’s of celebrations in which the children participated by displaying their gifts and talents, in fact all of us enjoyed it. On the 13th of August we had special children day under the supervisor of Father Bernard our Parish priest where the students from each class right from KG to Degree perform their mesmerizing shows including the teachers and we were one of the participants. We also helped out the students on the first communion and confirmation day that was on 3rd of September, and Sister Wanhun had contributed a lot in preparing them. Another time we had literary day, that was on 22nd of October and this time we had done it differently in a way that the students compete with one another through singing, reciting Bible passages and so on, and prizes were given to the winners. Eventually we close the year with the Christmas carol giving the message of Christ around Laitumkhrah and ended with the distribution of prizes for those students who had performed well during the final exam. Once again we thank God for this wonderful experience of the year.

Sr. Irose Darneikhol Thiek

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