Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Mt 28:19)

To write down rich experiences is such a gift that a person can share with the world. Pastoral ministry is one of the apostolates that uplifts the human soul. It is a ministry that draws people closer to God through the Sacraments. Family visitation is a way to connect to humanity and to God. There is in it the heart that listens and understands. It is in the spirit of Mary who visits her cousin Elizabeth. It is a personal encounter between the sisters and the people who are sharing with deep trust. The encounters are like breaking bread and sharing wine with people who continue to pour out their hearts to share their pains and struggles that they face in their daily life especially on matters pertaining to their families.

We are one with the people in the process of preparation for the synod of 2023 with its beautiful theme “Journeying together in Communion, Participation and Mission”. The task that our Holy Father Pope Francis has invited the Universal Church to is simply to embrace everyone, to walk together in making this world a better place.

Here in our part of the world the Church has been doing this since the beginning, yet it is a time for us to rejuvenate once again the zeal and enthusiasm of the pioneer missionaries to walk in the light of the Lord, as brothers and sisters. And also, it is a time for us to accept and respect others and learn from them to respond to create a better world. The Touring ministry is indeed an enriching faith journey. One can experience growth spiritually and socially as one becomes a witness to Jesus who loves and respects people of all walks of life.

Sr. Rilinda Kurbah RNDM


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