God has visited His people.

After a long drought spell across the country, after four seasons of failed rains in Machakos area, the rain finally came in March, the 15th day. The meteorologists had predicted that there will be rain but in a short period of time. We were skeptical whether this season will amount to anything or it would be like the recent previous ones.

Though this season is expected to be short rain here and usually with inadequate rainfall, this time it has proved otherwise. Even though people did not harvest in the previous seasons, they did not give up. There is a resilience and hope that lies deep in our being, that which seems to nourish and hold on to what is life-giving. People were up with seed (though very high cost now) and into the soil they planted all they could find. The seeds in their turn germinated very well, crops have been flourishing, weeds too took their space and weeding was on, though for many days weeding was hindered by the heavy rains.

At the moment beans are flowering and maize is growing big, in some farms, especially in the hotter areas, maize is producing tassels announcing the coming harvest.  Very many vegetables, those which grow naturally and what was planted, we are enjoying many types of greens and rain is still on in Machakos area as is in many parts of Kenya.

As I watch the rain and the beautiful green scenery around here, I can’t help but say to myself, “Kweli mungu ndiye anaweza watu wake.”   That truly it is God who can provide for his people. I am in touch with the gratitude which has been springing, welling up from within me, in touch with that knowledge that ‘God has visited his people’   This gratitude is not only in me but in all men, all women, youth and children. The land itself, the animals, plants and insects have taken enough water and quenched their thirst. They sing out their gratitude in their unique music and all this music of gratitude join together in great symphony rising up to God.

One lady expressed to me this gratitude though indirectly, “I am now going to cook the maize which I had kept aside for the next season, and you see, the beans are flowering, there is enough moisture and the clouds are still heavy.” (Usually many people keep some of the seed after planting in case the rain fails before the crops dry before they mature and all the local seed is wiped out when there is no produce.)

There is great hope and life in the hearts of people, one can sense the depth of joy and gratitude. For us here in Machakos community, we were not left behind, we did our part; planted and still continuing to weed. Most of the fruit trees have picked up and some are now ready for grafting. We share in the same gratitude, gladness and hope of the people here.

Sr. Rose Musango RNDM, May 4th 2023.

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