RNDMS India South Vaccination program

Maria Bhavan School,  Help to spread the word that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic the Health Department of Ayyampuzha  have organized a vaccination programme for the children of Maria Bhavan School Amalapuram on 10th January 2022 in order to keep them protected from corona virus. Keeping this in mind they organized a conscientization program for the students as preparation to receive the Vaccine. During the session students were able to clarify their doubts and come out of fear.  Dr. Mathews PHC Medical officer spoke in details on the topics, followed by other officials who have gathered, spoke on different aspects of Vaccination. The support of the parents plays a vital role, keeping this in mind we sent out a format for consent letter and gathered responses from parents. We acknowledge with gratitude all the parents who supported the event by their esteemed presence. As part of this we also formed a health club.

Covid-19 Vaccination programme was organized for the Class 9&10 students of Maria Bhavan School Amalpuram on 13.01.2022. 30 children were given Covaxin as vaccine First dose as per their vaccination schedule. Later on they were asked to follow the suggestions as per doctor’s advice. The PHC Medical officer  Dr.Anitha A B coordinated the campaign. The vaccination programme was led by the Junior Health Inspector Mr. Mani TT. The PHC Medical officer Dr. Anitha A B instructed and guided the nurses and staff in every way possible. The inaugural function was organized in a creative way. Every one participated and made the event more colourful.

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