Mariam Nilaya School Environment Day

” The greatest threat to Our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it”.
Environment day is globally celebrated on 5th of June every year. This year the theme ” Only One Earth ” was given by Sweden.
Mariam Nilaya School is always been known for its active involvement towards protecting our environment, by saying a strong “No to Plastic” and deforestation and also encourage children to plant more trees.
The celebration began with a special assembly centering the theme ” Only One Earth”. The students enacted a mime with the message of “Save Trees Save Life”. Students compared the richness of the earth of the past to the present by a meaningful conversation. A thought-provoking speech was delivered to remind the importance of saving our planet – EARTH.

Poetry is a form of expression of one’s feelings on a particular thought, to express the feeling on protecting the earth a beautiful yet a very strong poem was delivered by a student. We also had songs sung by the students with a beautiful message conveying – ” Stop Deforestation” in Hindi and Kannada.
To express our token of love on Environment Day saplings were presented to Principal Sr. Irene Albuquerque and Vice Principal Sr. Ida Wilma Fernandes which were planted in school garden. To highlight the theme various competitions like painting, rangoli, collage, clay modelling, drawing and coloring and flower arrangement was organized.

A pledge was taken by teachers and students to protect the environment.
The celebration concluded with the Principal’s message highlighting the present state of the earth and advised students to plant more trees which would in turn protect the mankind sister also reminded how the use of plastic has caused damage to the earth and encouraged the young hands to protect the “Mother Nature”.
” Environment is no one’s property to destroy; It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect “.

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