Mindful Walk in Nature

Queen of the Missions School, Goaltuli has introduced of nature walk for classes I and II for 15-20 minutes. This initiative helps the children to become more conscious of the earth and plants around them, it enables them to differentiate between trees, herbs, bushes and creepers.  They have learned to respect every living thing in nature and to identify the colours of leaves and flowers. The students appreciate and are eagerly looking forward for such walks.

The children have also learned to keep their surroundings clean and begun to express gratitude to nature for the greatest gift of Oxygen which helps most of the living things to survive.  Sr. Shanti Soreng guided them to look back at the situation of Covid -19 pandemic where many people died since hospitals failed to provide life-support due to the shortage of Oxygen.

The children are becoming more conscious of our Mother Earth, our Common Home.  We hope this experience will enkindle in them the desire of nurturing the earth in their little capacity.

7 November 2023 was a special day for us as our students of class II, they participated in planting Herbal Plants in the school compound. The school collaborated with the LIONS CLUB in creating a herbal garden and they were very happy to see the enthusiasm of our students. The students were exited to take care of their own plants and to   water them.

We have installed three interactive panels this year for the effective teaching and learning process.  We are extremely grateful to the donors for their generosity and support of our new mission at Goaltuli.

Sr. Shanti  Soreng, Rndm

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