One Heart in God

My journey in Balay Euphrasie Davao program can be likened to a painting. It started with a desire to deepen my understanding of our charism, Trinity God and Divine Missions among others as I prepare for my perpetual commitment. The sacred ground of Balay Euphrasie, one with creation helped me to be one with God. It provided me with painting       materials, tools to deepen my understanding of self and enhance my relationship with others. It taught me different brushstrokes of the beauty, identity, values and the relevance of our charism and religious missionary life in the present time. I learned many techniques from all our inputs and activities that helped me grow in humility and zeal for these are the keys passed on by our dear Euphrasie. I truly enjoy and hold sacred the     combination of paints as I share life with our TP sisters from different countries. The diversity of culture added to the colorful expression. The program helped me to develop new lens of seeing, becoming and being. I even discovered gifts I never thought I have! I thank God for Balay Euphrasie team, Congregation Leadership Team, all our resource speakers, spiritual directors and TP sisters who patiently shared with me the love, the gift of missions and our congregation. I appreciate the care of our lay partners and neighbors too. Together, they contributed in finishing the artwork that God helped me to begin. The artwork that I so desired since 9 years ago finally came into completion through the gift of Balay Euphrasie Davao Program. And this is the same gift that I gave back to the program… the joy of Mary’s “yes” to God the Trinity…her unconditional love that prompted her to visit Elizabeth…that prompted her to visit the peripheries…

the first Filipina Visitation painting!

…and the painting flows with words of thanks I expressed during my Perpetual Profession last December 28, 2023. Sharing with you an   edited excerpt:

Truly,” the measure of love is to love without measure”. As I say my fiat, I indeed experienced the same unconditional love in my   journey with RNDM and thank God for this precious vocation of which I truly treasure. I treasure the gift of allowing me to finally say my “yes” forever to the God who loved me first and whom I love dearly and wished to dedicate my whole life with. It is my heart’s greatest desire and now my joy is fulfilled!

God said ” I am with you always.” I kept deeply this promise and indeed God was with me throughout the years. I am in deep gratitude to God who called me to follow him and for giving me the best gift of being loved and accepted for who I am and the gifts that I can share by being an instrument of the Trinity’s love with those in the margins through the Congregation of Our lady of the Missions.

Today, I definitely feel the presence of our Foundress Euphrasie Barbier, a brave and valiant woman but a heart so sacred and kind with all our sisters whom has journeyed loved and  supported me all the way. Thank you for being one with me today with your  unconditional love, all the     tedious preparations and your overflowing generosity. Thank you to our leaders in the congregation (Srs. Jo, Lissy, Joicy, Margaret and Lucy) and Region (Srs. Weeya, Petite and Stella), to all my formators Srs. Kate, Phanxica, Mercy, Felista and dear Stella. Mentors: Schola and Shongita. Thank you to all the RNDM sisters in the Philippine Region and beyond! Thank you to my dear family and friends.

Remain in God, Rely on God and God will provide the rest. I am awed by your presence in my life and witnesses of my commitment to follow God. My soul give glory to the Lord, my heart pours out its praise! May God’s holy name be blessed! One heart in God. Again, my deep-felt gratitude to all.

Maraming salamat po.

Janette Alejandro



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