Our Lady Queen of the Missions Convent, Salt Lake, India Center Province

There is no Bigger Joy than the Joy of “Giving”

At this time of Global pandemic, it has taught and gave us all together different experiences in our time that we are experiencing such tragedy. We are grateful to God for his unconditional love that we are still moving on in His loving care and protection.

“Face to face with God through His creation” We visited poor people and we were shocked to see people living under poor condition. Actively observing the struggles of the people and being Sensitive towards their needs, at least for 300 families, we began distributing food items which contains a combination of basic staples such as rice, Dal, potato, onion, oil, sugar, pulses, snacks and cloths as well as for the needy people during lockdown.

We are still continuing to distribute food items for few families. They are daily wage earners, farm laborers, workers in small factories, dhabas, in tea stalls, car cleaners, and truck washers, domestic help who sweep and swab, cook and clean, for multiple households in Salt Lake city.

We too have given Rs. 10,000 to the Little sisters of the poor, Kolkata where 130 Elderly people live, Sisters completely depend on the Public for their daily maintenance as they stay with them free of charge.

The severe cyclonic storm Yass had affected millions of people. So many have lost their family members, near and dear ones, houses land etc. We were able to reach out to  the destitute people by contributing collaboratively with province and Park Circus school some dry ration.

We the community participated in our little ways and shown solidarity with the poor and needy

As international congregations of women religious missionary we respect and salute our health workers, social workers and our local police and soldiers who safeguard our country and have come forward to risk their life in involve generously at this time of war without weapons. May God bless their generous service towards the needy.

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