Prayer to Our Lady of the Missions

Affectionate Mary, Mother of Jesus,
throughout your life, in loving obedience,
you listened to God’s Word,
pondered in your heart
and faithfully carried out the Divine Missions.

You taught Jesus to be a missionary
by carrying him in your womb
to visit your cousin Elizabeth in her need.

Attentive Mary of Pentecost,
believing the transforming power of the Spirit,
in prayer and in communion
you formed the disciples of Jesus.

Burning with zeal and filled with love,
the friends of Jesus went out fearlessly,
to proclaim “the joy of the Gospel,”
to the whole creation.

Caring Mary of Visitation and Pentecost,
being the first disciple of Jesus, we pray,
journey with us today,
as you did with Jesus and his disciples
in the days of old.

Contemplative Mary, give us
your pondering heart and discerning spirit.
Fill us with deep faith and courage.
Gift us with your spirit of humility, simplicity,
modesty, generosity and hospitality.

Keep our hearts burning with flame of charity
to carry out the Divine Missions in your spirit.
Witnessing to God’s compassionate love
for the earth and all humanity
in our everyday religious missionary journey.

Single-hearted Mary,
in our contemplation, communion and mission,
lead us to Jesus your Son, who is the Way,
the Truth and the Life.

This we ask you, through Jesus,
the Eternal Word, who lives and reigns
with the Source of all Being,
and the Holy Spirit now and forever.

Composed by Sr. Shanti D’Rozario, RNDM
Based on the Constitutions, Letters of Euphrasie Barbier and Pope Francis

Prayer to Our Lady of the Missions

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