Ndondol, Senegal


Social Development




The women in Ndondol are happy to work to preserve the environment. Those who have visited Senegal have witnessed the mountains of rubbish with numerous plastic bags lay around. True it is disgusting for all of us and even for Senegalese, but they do it anyway, because that’s how they have done. We had started cleaning the environment programme together with women over fifteen years and they did it for no cost. Altogether they are around 700 women who try to do away with plastic bags and use the rest of the rubbish as compost. Once a week women from each village bring out their own brooms, spades, trolleys or whatever they have in order to carry out this activity.

The sisters are happy to support this activity and help them in small ways. We have disposed a small amount of money which they use as Microcredit. A part of the interest that they get from this activity, they use to buy the materials necessary for cleaning the surroundings.

Of course the Corona Virus changes the rhythms of women. They can no longer come together for meetings, no longer buy the things to sell in the market and therefore their life is difficult at present. Some of the families are trying their best to have two meals a day. The sick people who appear at our dispensary can no longer buy medicine.  We are looking at some of the possibilities where we can assist these sick people selling the medicine for half the price. We thank our friends who help the poor financially and relieve some of their struggles.

Other information

LOCAION:  Ndondol, Senegal, West Africa

GOALS: To bring better health, by keeping clean the surrounding and caring the environment and in doing this, the women brings changes to the society.

ACTIVITIES: The sisters would like to encourage these women to continue the good work, cleaning the surrounding by helping them with a small amount of money as microcredit 100 000f (170$) for a group of 20-25 women as well as to buy material for cleaning to keep the environment less pollutted.

BENEFICIARIES: 1000 women and families

REQUEST: 5000$


Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions - Casa Generalizia Roma 00164 (IT) - Phone: 0039 06 6615 8400 - Email: gensec@rndmgen.org