Matuu, Kenya






Matuu Mission Dispensary is a Faith Based Organization located in Yatta Distric, Eastern Province. It is managed by Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. The dispensary commenced its operation in the year 1997. The initial aim was to help the poor/underprivileged people in Yatta Plateau. To accomplish this, it begun with preventive and curative treatment besides outreach clinics.

Following the example of Jesus, the healer, Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions are committed to promote life for all through having a listening heart and giving compassionate care. Staff members are committed to uphold high professional standards, respect confidentiality and work in collaboration with other health providers.

At present the facility provides accessible, quality, affordable services –preventive and curatives to all clients regardless of their status.

Other information

LOCATION: Matuu Mission Dispensary is  located in Yatta Distric, Eastern Province.

VISION: To see a happy, healthy society living with dignity.


+ To offer to the local people health services of low cost, affordable, sustainable, reliable and prices within their means.

+ To promote quality health care, creating awareness by health education, and encouraging lively discussion among the groups.

+ To offer holistic approach to our healing ministry i.e. physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.


The facility offers:

General out-patient Care

Laboratory services

Ante-Natal Clinic and Maternity Clinic

Child Welfare Clinic

Comprehensive Care Center: Support for those with HIV/AIDS (Counselling, Testing and Treatment is made available)

TB Clinic

Diabetes clinic and support group

Hypertension clinic and support group

Mobile clinics for Immunization and Treatment for children

All Staff in Dispensary and two Sisters

Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions - Casa Generalizia Roma 00164 (IT) - Phone: 0039 06 6615 8400 - Email: