Food And Sanitary Items For Poor Families







Bagerhat is one the of coastal district areas of Bangladesh that was hit by the recent Cyclone Amphan. RNDM sisters serve in a fishing village of this area where 180 families, that is about 700 people, lost all their lands and fishponds due to the Cyclone. This happened during the COVID-19 lockdown adding more sufferings and poverty to the people who were already struggling to make a living. Because of the destroyed land and of the lockdown, being fishers, day labourers, rickshaw pullers or housemaids, they have lost their only means of sustenance and live in miserable conditions. The sisters are trying to reach out to as many people as possible to provide basic food, like rice, potatoes, beans, oil as well as medicines, vitamins, face masks and other personal protective equipment.

Other information

GOALS: To Provide basic food and other necessary sanitary items to cope with Covid -19 and the natural disaster.

ACTIVITIES: Sisters reach out to the most vulnerable people of Maria Polli village affected by the cyclone Amphan and by Covid-19 providing basic food and other relief items.

BENEFICIARIES: 700 people will directly benefit from the project.

REQUEST: Financial help is needed to help the sisters in providing basic food and other sanitary items for the suffering population of this area.

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