Health Centre, Jholjholia Village







Jholjholia is a small Village in Bangladesh composed of marginalised tribal people. These  people are the most vulnerable group of people in Bangladesh. They are deprived of basic necessities like health, education etc. The dispensary run by the sisters will enable them to meet one of their basic needs – health care. There is also no health care near to their residence. They need to walk miles after mile for their health care.

The dispensary mostly caters for women and children, where the Sisters give basic health care to the hostel girls as well as the poor villagers. The Sisters render them services such as  teaching basic health hygiene, giving treatment to basic  common sickness, pregnancy test, maternity care, diet advice etc.  Most patients being poor are treated free.

Fund is needed to purchase basic medicines , injections, normal delivery sets like; beds, instruments (scissors, artery, different kind’s forceps, baby weighing medicine, sucker machine) and other requirements.

Approximately 70 people receive the health care from our dispensary on a monthly basis (840 tribal people annually).

Other information

GOALS: To improve life of poor tribal people with the basic health care

ACTIVITIES: Sisters wish to provide the Tribal people with medication and Nutrition in the Basic Health Center. They also want to provide Nurse’s  salary and bring empowerment of the community.

 BENEFICIARIES: 840 Patients (annually)

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