Hygienic water & sanitation for primary school

Maiawet, Shillong




India North East


Maiawet is a small village in West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya where the RNDM Sisters have been providing primary education to children around several villages for a few years. The school received some grants from the government which helped them to build class rooms and the congregation has been supporting to complete the rest of the construction. The school is still in a development stage and depends on government aid for its sustainability. The children do not have any proper sanitation facility and it is necessary for us to provide them with a healthy environment, sanitation facility and clean water for their health care. Many of these children come from far flung villages and walk a long distance to the school and they need clean drinking water and a place to make themselves comfortable before they begin their classes. Due to the absence of good drinking water, many of them get diarrhoea, dysentery and other illnesses.


Other information

GOALS: to improve the quality of health care and healthy environment for children for their permanence in the school 

PROCESS: to provide healthy environment, sanitation facility and hygienic water for children’s health care

BENEFICIARIES: 150 boys and girls

Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions - Casa Generalizia Roma 00164 (IT) - Phone: 0039 06 6615 8400 - Email: gensec@rndmgen.org