India North East

Fr. Paul Lefebvre S.J. was sent immediately from Calcutta as administrator of the Assam Mission. Desperate for helpers, he wrote a letter to the RNDM Vicar in Chittagong making an earnest appeal to send sisters to help him in his hour of need.

The RNDM Sisters responded and arrived in Shillong on 15th November 1915 after a long and tedious journey from Chittagong and took over the mission at St. Mary’s, Shillong.

With the kind of dedication and commitment from the RNDM missionaries who arrived through hardships in 1915, the mission in the North East has grown to the present status involving ourselves widely in education and empowerment of the female section of the society besides our pastoral activities as part of a strong Church in this part of the world.

The missionaries laid a strong foundation on which our activities stand today.

The one Indian Province grew and in 1995 three vice-provinces South, Centre and North were formed. In 2000 the three became full-fledged Provinces and today we have India South Province, India Centre Province and India North East Province.

At present the sisters work in administration and teaching in schools at different levels of education both formal and non-formal. Sisters are also involved in social work, pastoral work, and health.







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