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The Programme, Tei Wa Ngai, was commenced by Maarjan Boorstma, a lay volunteer from Netherlands, with the authority of the late Bishop U. Kioko, Bishop of Machakos. In 1997 our sisters started working with Maarjan and in 2001 when she gave the responsibility for the Programme to the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions. She had applied to Cordaid for funding on behalf of the Congregation. The Project works in collaboration with the AIC CURE Hospital Kijabe, Kikuyu Eye Hospital Kikuyu and National Council for Persons with Disability, the Association for the Physically Disabled in Kenya (A.D.P.K.), and Jaipur and Wheelchairs for Kids (Australia) through Motivation Kenya.

Matuu is a rural market town. The Matuu Deanery of Machakos Catholic Diocese includes ten parishes, Matuu, Kithimani, Mavoloni, Ndithini, Manaja,  Ekalakala, Masinga, Thatha, Kaewa and Kithioko. The majority of families in the rural areas are subsistent farmers. The area is semi-arid and has been adversely affected by drought over a number of years.

The Programme is coordinated by the RNDM Sisters in Matuu. In six areas there are two Health Workers who come to Matuu twice monthly for on-going formation and reporting. The work is conducted through regular Field Work where the Health Workers and Sister Coordinators visit the clients in their home places.

Other information

LOCATION: Tei Wa ngai (Mercy of God) Program for Persons with Disability, Matuu, Kenya.


To raise the level of awareness in the society that disability is not inability.

To ensure each child has access to appropriate education to meet his/her potential and be able, if it is possible, to be a financially self-supporting member of society.

To access remedial surgery where disability can be corrected – cleft palette, club foot, knock knees, spina bifida etc.

To provide regular Physiotherapy for children with disabilities.

To provide regular and understanding treatment for those with Epilepsy.

To provide quality care – basic cleanliness, food and exercise for Children and young adults with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy and those who are severely mentally handicapped


Field work: visiting villages to get to know new clients, their needs and monitor progress, etc.

Follow up medical cases: health workers assist the parents in registering those with disability and assessing services.

Evaluate home situation of clients to see what is needed and act appropriately.

Physiotherapy exercises at different villages regularly.

Health workers give a comprehensive report of the visits and action plans for clients each month. E.g. assessment, access to surgery, schooling, financial assistance and income generating projects.

Health workers accompany parents to take their children for medical attention or education assessment in different places.

The Health Workers identify and facilitate means for those needing aids/ wheel chairs/ artificial limbs.

In collaboration with local leaders they create awareness on the responsibility of society to care for those with disability.

Different clinics for disabled children, epilepsy and eye, etc

Income Generating Project: Continuing of Goat project. A family is given two she-goats. They are asked to give the first born female to TWN to be distributed to another family.

BENEFICIARIES: Disabled children and their families.

REQUEST:Fund to pay salary for health workers and a physiotherapist, transport for field work, medical and educational support, assist on income generating projects

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