Machakos, Kenya


Social Development




Muuo Women’s Project, was organized and facilitated by our sisters since the year 2001 up to date.    This project was the sisters’ response to the need expressed by the local women around Machakos area, that is, to help and assist them to find a way forward from poverty, neglecting and deprivation.  Therefore, the project aims to empower women by assisting them through a holistic and integral development program with vocational training skills leading towards self-reliant and self-employment.

Other information

LOCATION: Machakos – Kenya


The project addresses problems of poverty, unemployment and lack of access to education. The activities provided have been so far able to reduce the risks and disadvantages women and teenage girls are facing and develop some basic educational skills through vocational training that will financially sustain them.  Seminars and workshops on specific topics have been helping many women, young and old to appreciate, recognize the goodness in them and value themselves as women with great potentials and dignity.


Within the center, the project is offering activities such as; tailoring, sewing, knitting, beads work with rosaries, baskets of different sizes and designs, table mats, serviette holders, tissue box holders, key rings, necklaces, wrist bands, chains, liquid soap, tie and Dye and seminars on different topics.  The main aim is to teach and share these skills with women particularly the poor and marginalise so to empower themselves and become self-sustenance. Field work like home visitations is one of the main and important part of the project activities.  It is where we meet with the realities of women and families in their everyday life situations.

The Widows Group program is held in one of the Widow’s home in the village. They participate together with other women at the Center but working at their own place. This is due to the available space given.   In the center, the project can only accommodate twenty two participants learning tailoring and knitting.  While the Alumni group who are working with beads do their work with the little space given in the center.  Besides these activities, the project is also engaging in making school uniforms.  This is a big boost to the project’s financial situation however, it has its own challenges like delaying of payments etc..

Continuous seminars and workshops on general life matters, national and international events promoting peace and justice, environment concerns, health issues, etc.  These and other inputs will bring awareness, understanding and motivating attitudes among women.


The project is open to women of all levels, thus, young women, single mothers, married women, widows and elderly women.  In the center, twenty-two women learning tailoring, sewing and knitting is expected however, that number varies, either more or less.   The widows group is around twenty members and the Alumni group with more than thirty registered.  Direct beneficiaries of the project are the targeted number of women with their families as indirect beneficiaries.

During seminars on particular topics like World Environment Day, Justice and Peace Issues, International Women’s Day, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Health Care, etc, the project invites more people to attend.   Normally the project invites an outside facilitator for these occasions.


Financial support to ensure the empowerment of women’s activities continues and be strengthened.

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