RNDMs in Canada RNDMs came to Canada in Grande-Clairière, Manitoba in 1898 following the invitation of Father Gaire. And it was here, after nine days at sea, sixty-nine hours by train and an hour by horse and cart that the three pioneers arrived from France. Describing their arrival one of the Sisters wrote: “Could we not call this our triumphal entry? No conqueror experienced more satisfaction than our little group when on August 11 at 1am we at last arrived at the post assigned to us by holy obedience, i.e., in front of the poor rectory…The house was the picture of the most complete destitution…In the hazy glimmer of a wretched lantern, the interior revealed undisguised poverty and discomfort…In the three so-called rooms or nooks on the first floor, where we were to sleep, the beds consisted of four planks nailed to the wall and covered with a rough straw mattress.” Subsequent foundations followed a similar pattern, and were undertaken with a similar spirit. Although education, human rights, and dignity for all are a primary focus of our work, we increasingly recognize the ecological peril facing our planet home. Our growing awareness of earth as one community of life focuses our work for today and for the future. Our work is extensive and varied in nature, purpose and location.








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