South Sudan

Solidarity with South Sudan is an organization of various religious who are answering the call of the Bishops of South Sudan to assist in the development of this new country.

Religious brothers, sisters and priests live and work together in community within Solidarity for the good of the people of this war-torn country. The Strategic Plan for the next five years projects that the life-time of Solidarity with South Sudan may extend beyond the 15 years first envisaged.

Living and working together in such a manner is proving to be life-giving, enriching and certainly a healthy model of religious life for those who choose to come. Solidarity was set up for a specific purpose and has a definite lifetime. This has many advantages.

One interesting fact is that many of the religious who are currently in South Sudan are from Western countries and are older, but African congregations are now coming into the set-up and that is adding a great wisdom and wealth of experience to Solidarity.

Four of the RNDMs are working with SSS

What Solidarity is currently doing would be difficult for anyone congregation in South Sudan but together much can be achieved


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