Dear Sisters and Friends
The cry of the poor and the cry of the earth are a constant call to respond to the urgent need to address climate change.
Pope Francis reminds us of this responsibility through his encyclical Laudato Si’ and the movie – ‘The Leter’. Our Foundress
Euphrasie Barbier, in her tme also wrote to the Sisters in Napier: “If you can plant some more fruit trees, where the soil is
beter, do so, and do not allow any more trees to be cut down….” (Leter to M. St. Peter, Napier 1882).
In this newsleter we share with you some of the initatves the sisters have taken to care for our common home by
responding to the above call. Your support for educaton of deserving but less fortunate students is also bearing fruit as
some graduate and move on to taking up new careers to sustain themselves and their families.
We remain ever grateful to our Sisters and donors for supportng us to atend to the cry of the poor and of the Earth.
Smitha Thomas RNDM
RNDM International Mission Office Newsletter June 2023

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