Dear Sisters and Friends

Education overcomes poverty and gives dignity to people. RNDM Sisters and our mission partners across the world have been doing our best to realize this goal with your support . The personal stories shared in this newsletter are proof of this. Many of our children and families who live on the margins of society would not have had a chance if you- our passionate  sisters, generous benefactors and friends, had not given your support. We are deeply grateful to each one of you!

I  share here below, part of a letter I received from our Sisters in Senegal Region.

‘Warm greetings to each one of you from Mboro, Ndondol and Kounkane, 3 communities of Senegal region. We pray and wish each of you to enjoy good health, full of joy and peace in your daily life and missions.

Here in Senegal we trying to do our best in our missions. The rainy season has just started in our country. Together with the people we all hope that we can get a good harvest this year as now is the best time to cultivate most effectively. Very soon the students go on holidays and they will  have a chance to help their parents in the fields.

This season brings us blessings, but at the same time we face the challenges of malaria particularly in the the south of the country where our sisters are, at Kounkane. We are aware of the people’s deepest pains with various sicknesses in this zone. We, RNDMs Senegal, are present here to accompany the people in this land and serve them as much as we can with all our heart, care and support. With grateful hearts and on behalf of our people in this land of Senegal, we would love to express our gratitude for your love, care, support and accompaniment in so many different ways. A big thank to you all who are connected to our missions.  May God bless you always! Blessings and graces, Peace and joy to you all.’

Smitha Thomas RNDM

RNDM International Mission Newsletter, August 2022





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