RNDM Sisters at Odisha, India Central Province

“Give a Mask and Save a Life”

‘Traditionally face coverings are an indicator of political persuasion and religious belief”. When  Covid-19 broke out, the first awareness and recommendations given to individuals were to follow simple guidelines of SMS, Social distancing, wearing a Mask and  hand Sanitizing. To wear the mask was not easy for every one but with the rapid spread of Corona Virus  people understood the nessecity of using the mask. It was madatory for all the gatherings such as political, social, religious and cultural.

 “Wearing a face mask is better than wearing a ventilator” such captions were used to provide awareness to the people. So the sisters in Odisha took a caption “Give a Mask and save a life”. Each sister paricipated actively and stitched 2000 face masks within two weeks.

These masks were distributed in various places. 800 face masks were given to the parents and children of seven supplementary education centers in the villages. 500 masks in local markets, 300 masks in State Bank of India and Punjab banks, and 300 masks were entrusted to the Block Development Officer to distribute to the quarantine centers. The rest of 200 masks were given to our neighbours.

Sisters and candidates making masks
Masks distribution in the local markets

Supplementary education centres children receive masks



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