Responding to Pope Francis’ invitation to celebrate the second World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly, we, the aspirants of Vietnam Province spent a special day with our senior sisters at the Home for the Elderly in Thu Duc.

With gratitude and love, we were with our dear senior sisters, gave them serving hands through simple tasks, namely: cleaning, decorating, cooking, sitting beside and listening to them. We have been taught that “giving is also receiving.” We indeed have received so much from spending a day with our senior sisters. They are like tall trees, shadowing us and nurture us by short conversations, or by teaching us lessons from their lived experiences, and sometimes, just by their silent prayers and example of their life commitment to God.

We consider the congregation as our home, our family. As a family needs grandparents, our elderly sisters are grandmothers to us. We know that our “Grandmas” often suffer from illness due to old age and therefore, do not like noise; their voice and office prayer is no longer the same as how it was once upon a time. However, the message of Pope Francis reminds us that that the elderly have the most precious musical instrument which is their prayer. Yes, the sisters continue to give everything to God including their sufferings and sacrifices to pray for the world, for the Congregation and for us.

Dear sisters, today, we pray in a special way for you, the wisdom sisters in Vietnam and those across the congregation. We send our gratitude and sincere thanks to you, our Grandmothers

Aspirants of Our Lady of the Missions Congregation- Vietnam Province



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