Touring experiences by Sr. Aitisha Khongjee RNDM

God of our Journey is our faithful and compassionate God. Visiting the families and nurturing the faith of the faithful in our Mission places through pastoral ministry bring joy and blessings.

The Touring ministry is an important Mission of the community of St John Bosco’s Convent,  Sohra. The needs of Pastoral ministry are always part of people’s life and we try and nurture and strengthen their faith through this ministry, as we also deepen our own faith. We experience the life’s reality of the people by staying, living, eating, praying and being present among them. It is the walk to Emmaus!

Staying with them in the villages and interacting with the people enables one to be more friendly. In this way, people are drawn to come to the prayer services, and to the training we give for the different sacraments and seminars that are being animated and organized for them. Accompanying the family members in the spiritual path is to engage them through the family language and conversation which is beyond knowing the local dialect/language. It is the language of love and respect for who they are and who they can become.

One can directly observe that people in the villages are very simple in their lifestyle and are very sincere about their faith. One can also witness that many young people drop out of schools and are into early marriage due to poverty and social ignorance. On the whole they seek God and long to improve in all walks of life and they need Sisters or Catechists to empower them and to let them know that they can be who they were meant to be.

A missionary’s best moment is the family visiting. It is like fulfilling the command of Jesus to seek and to find the sheep and to spend quality time in conversation with the family members. It is through such encounters that we to get to know more about the joy and pain the families go through. It is a call to listen attentively while experiencing an inner peace and freedom. A missionary at heart knows that the people rely on their trust as they share their hearts with the Sisters who visit them at home.

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