Women’s empowerment – Ndondol

To Love Oneself Is To Love Our Mother Earth

Together with the women in 16 villages we make an effort to reach our objective to be an eco-friendly group which was started many long years ago, where everyone has the right to live by caring for the common home. The initiative and effort of the sisters slowly has come to a realization. The population is conscious of the importance of caring for their surroundings. We appreciate the women’s groups of different villages for their selfless service.






















We encourage the women by helping them with brooms and masks to protect against the dust,  and by planting trees during the rainy season.  We can say that there is 60% cleanliness around the villages and yet still a lot to be done to reach 100% which is the objective. We hope as years go by, Ndondol people will advance in their lives  and become lovers of greenery, and witness the goodness in caring for the Mother Earth to other neighborhood districts.

Empower a woman is to empower the society

Formation on Nutrition
Formation on Accountant











Formation on recording the baby’s weight














The different aspects of formation given to the women at different times and years has enabled them to be self- confident in different walk of life. They are not only able  to manage the household activities but also with the small commercial activities  like selling vegetables and fruits, dresses and shoes, earrings and bangles etc., and others  run the business of rearing animals such as pigs, goats, chickens, both country ones and broilers, in their villages.

Unfolding gifts ……for a better tomorrow

As a group, women play an important role in building peace and unity in the society as they work together for a better tomorrow  through different group activities such as managing the millet stock, grinding machines and village cleaning, with no barrier of religion, language or culture. The limited education and age group doesn’t prevent the women from contributing their gifts and ideas of putting hands together for a better life.

Grinding machine
Millet Storage


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