Faith and Social Development of Youth

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RNDM Renewal April – June 2019, News Update 3

“A PilgrimAge to our roots” We, the RNDM pilgrims continue our experience of the last part of our spiritual journey “A Pilgrimage to our Roots” “The point of travelling is not to arrive but to return home, Laden with pollen you shall work up Into honey the mind feeds on” (R. S. Thomas) We, the […]

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Education awareness among Dalit Community (Mushaar) inNarkatiaganj1

International Missions Newsletter June 2019 

Greetings of peace and joy to each of you dear sisters, mission promoters, partners in mission, collaborators, supporters and friends. You will be pleased to know how much you mean to the people in our mission fields. “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” says Aesop. Every little act of kindness […]

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Renewal group 2019

RNDM Renewal April – June 2019, News Update 2

Please find THE STORY WE ARE GOING TO TELL … below file. We continue our journey in Euphrasie’s footsteps in England and we wish you a very happy feast of Pentecost. Renewal Group June 2019, News Update 2

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Our Spirituality

Our Lady of the Missions. Our title describes our spirituality which is both Trinitarian and Marian.
The name Euphrasie Barbier chose for her Congregation is, doubtless, the most obvious proof of the fundamental Trinitarian orientation of her own life and that of the new religious family she founded. […]

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Euphrasie Barbier

Adèle-Euphrasie Barbier, known in religious life as Marie du Coeur de Jésus, was born on 4th January 1829, in Caen, France. The family had a strong faith and her parents instilled into their young family the values of honesty and hard work. […]

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Newsletter updates

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