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By Ella Kolomyjec, The Vietnam Mission Pilgrimage Students from Sacred Heart College, Perth, were lucky enough to have the opportunity to give happiness to 12 beautiful indigenous Vietnamese girls. We travelled to Pleiku by bus from Saigon and we immediately in awe of the beauty of the area, the kindness of all the people we met. […]

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A Charity School in Cu Chi, Viet Nam

The RNDM Sisters in Cu Chi Community are running a Charity School with 180 children who come from poor families. The parents are so poor they cannot afford public schooling for their children. Moreover, these children are not eligible for public school as they do not have the necessary paper work such as birth or […]

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Dining room decoration

CELEBRATING 50 KENYA, 19th August 2017

  There was great excitement in the air as the Sisters in the Kenyan Province made final preparations for our special celebration to remember and give thanks for  50 years RNDM Presence in Kenya. The first RNDMs to arrive in Kenya were Sr. Cecily Timoney, Bernadine Corcoran, Marian McQuaig and Cecilia McCarthy. In August 1967 […]

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Our Spirituality

Our Lady of the Missions. Our title describes our spirituality which is both Trinitarian and Marian.
The name Euphrasie Barbier chose for her Congregation is, doubtless, the most obvious proof of the fundamental Trinitarian orientation of her own life and that of the new religious family she founded. […]

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Euphrasie Barbier

Adèle-Euphrasie Barbier, known in religious life as Marie du Coeur de Jésus, was born on 4th January 1829, in Caen, France. The family had a strong faith and her parents instilled into their young family the values of honesty and hard work. […]

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