RNDM Sisters at Odisha, India Central Province

“Give a Mask and Save a Life” ‘Traditionally face coverings are an indicator of political persuasion and religious belief”. When  Covid-19 broke out, the first awareness and recommendations given to individuals were to follow simple guidelines of SMS, Social distancing, wearing a Mask and  hand Sanitizing. To wear the mask was not easy for every […]

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RNDMs Central Province reaching out during Covid-19 Pandemic

Provincial House Darga Road sponsored a meal for 250 sex workers in collaboration with Mary Ward Social Centre (Loreto sisters) on 16th June 2021. Sisters Monica Riahtam and Phulkeria Minj went to the centre to pack the meals (Rice, lentils, chicken & salad) and to cut the vegetables for the next day. At noon sisters […]

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Dear Sisters and Friends September 21st is International Day of Peace.  Each year the International Day of Peace is observed throughout the world on this day. The General Assembly of the United Nations has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of Peace both within and among all nations and all peoples. […]

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Our Spirituality

Our Lady of the Missions. Our title describes our spirituality which is both Trinitarian and Marian.
The name Euphrasie Barbier chose for her Congregation is, doubtless, the most obvious proof of the fundamental Trinitarian orientation of her own life and that of the new religious family she founded. […]

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Euphrasie Barbier

Adèle-Euphrasie Barbier, known in religious life as Marie du Coeur de Jésus, was born on 4th January 1829, in Caen, France. The family had a strong faith and her parents instilled into their young family the values of honesty and hard work. […]

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