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Long Dien community is one of the 23 communities belongs to Ban Me Thuot Diocese. We have presented in Long Dien since 1982. At the beginning years of present, we recognized the needs of education to ethnic’s children because they lived in remote villages and there were no basic health care, no schools in their places so all of them lacked of education. Then we had opened a place for them to come, to stay with us and to learn from Sisters.

The children belonged to minority groups, their families were very poor.  They remain very much dependent on agriculture and forestry.  The villagers would prefer the children work in the fields to help to raise money to buy food. They feel that they could not manage school fees. A final reason for the lower schooling rates is the lack of bilingual education.

To help them to overcome these difficulties and to develop their life standards for generations. In 1990, the RNDM Sisters started to take care of 50 children who were in primary school and secondary school. Yearly, the number of children has increased gradually.  Since 2012 until this year, we have been encouraged by benefactors to welcome over 100 children.

Other information

LOCATION: 57 Da Minh Nguyen Street, Long Dien Village, Long Phuoc Ward, Phuoc Long District, Binh Phuoc Province

GOALS:  Improvement The Destitute Indigenous Children’s Education In Long Dien Community. These children will be directed to a professional school or career training, depending on their ability. After finishing their study they will return to their own villages to serve their people.


To create a safe accommodation and enough space to train about 129 minority childrenTo give the good opportunities for them to go to secondary, high schools and further study by supporting food, school fees and school supplies.

To improve the result of their study by tutoring in core subjects such as Math, Physic, Literature, English, Computer.

To accompany them and help them integrate into the local environment.

To improve and to increase their faith through the catechism, Christian value classes and other religious activities such as daily prayers, annually retreat…

To develop minority children in human development and basic domestic work such as cooking, cleaning, drawing, gardening…

Colleges and universities’ students can graduate and get good careers in their skills and abilities.

 BENEFICIARIES: 129 students are 11- 24 years old, who are poor and need education, come from the remote villages and belong to Van Kieu, Jơ Lơng, Stieng, Barnar, Monong, Tay, Muong tribes.

REQUEST: We have suitable facility and personnel; however we are still limited financially. The purpose of this proposal is to invite your collaboration in providing food, fees for school and clothing for the ethnic children who need your concern and help.

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