Kawthaung, Myanmar






Kawthaung is a township located at the Southern most of Myanmar, it is a border town and there are many people coming from different parts of Myanmar with the hope of looking for a job and to rent a place to live. These migrants are around 30,000 which made a total population of 100,000 people in Kawthaung. They could not support their families because there is not much work for people and often they work as illegal workers. Those people could not access health care services. The project of Camillian Basic Health Care Centers in Ranong had provided for many of these illegal migrants for the last seven years. The project came to an end in June 2014; it is a crucial need for the Basic Health Care Center in Kawthaung to function actively to continue the health care services for these vulnerable people. The Basic Health Center in Kawthaung works jointly with the pastoral services of the Pastor of St. Joseph Parish to have a strong support to the poor people in the community at least 200-300 people a month. Once a month, a mobile clinic, also opens to the far remote place of rubber plantation area. Around 100 villagers come for medication to this mobile clinic. The services normally provide primary health care services to very poor people around the community and to patients that are bed-ridden or have difficult in moving around. The center should also provide basic health information, as simple sanitation hygiene, to people in the community in order to prevent many diseases and sickness.


Other information

GOALS: To improve life of poor migrants people with the basic health care

ACTIVITIES: Sisters want to provide migrant people with medication and Nutrition in the Basic Health Center and by the mobile clinic once a month. They also want to provide Doctor’s fees part time and bring empowerment of the community

BENEFICIARIES: 300 people 

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