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The Congregation of Our Lady of the Mission (RNDM) has a new mission in New Manigempur village in Bidar. Bidar is one of the backward districts in South India due to scanty rainfalls and frequent droughts. Infant and maternal mortality rate is very high and illiteracy, child labour, child marriage, malnutrition, HIV-AIDS and lack of basic necessities are very much prevalent in this district. Some of the main issues are unemployment, discrimination of women, poverty, lack of water, unorganized youth, alcoholism and gambling.

Responding to the above issues the sisters began various ministries. Faith formation, Women empowerment program, English coaching classes, Youth ministry, prison ministry, interreligious dialogue and Family counselling. The sisters visit the different villages and prepare the people for different sacraments. They also take free English tuition in the local government school as the teachers are not able to teach English classes well.

Other information

LOCATION: The villages of Manigempur, Dupath Mahagaon and Hosa manigempur in Bidar district, North Karnataka, South India

GOAL: To educate and motivate the children and Youth to become responsible and self-reliant persons through education, faith formation and other skills development.

ACTIVITIES:  First of all, a survey is done to find out the number of children and youth in the three villages and provide them with a place or center where the children and youth can gather for study. Support them also with study materials, uniforms, meals and fare for transportation. Through education and other skills the young people will develop their innate talents and be able to choose the trade of their choice to become self-reliant and employed youth. By giving them faith formation, they will imbibe values of respect, honesty, tolerance and responsibility that will help to live as responsible persons in the society.

BENEFICIARIES: The beneficiaries are the 85 children from the age group of 5 to 15 who belonging to Hindu Madiga (Scheduled Caste) community. There are 50 Youth from 3 villages who are newly converted to catholic faith and needs care, support and faith formation.

REQUEST:  We appreciate your financial support for 85 children and 50 young people to be educated and trained in life skills and faith formation for their food, living and educational expenses.


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