India South

The Vice-Province of India South came into existence on 1st January 1995 when the Indian Province which stretched from Halflong in Assam to Preshitha Matha in Kerala was divided into three Vice-Provinces, South, Central and North-East.

These were established as provinces on 1st January 2000. Today RNDMs in India South are working in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Though there are some similarities among the people of these states, the culture, traditions, language and life style are significantly different.

At present the sisters work in administrating and teaching in schools at different levels of education both formal and non-formal. Sisters are also involved in social work, pastoral work, and health.

Purnakumbha is a pot filled with water and topped with fresh mango leaves and a coconut.

It is an object symbolizing God and the pitcher.

The pot symbolizes – Mother Earth

The water – The Life Giver

The Leaves – Life

The Coconut – Divine Consciousness








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