Kulaman, Philippines






The Mother and Child Health Care Program is an outreach program of the Delesan Kailawan Center run by the RNDM sisters in Kulaman. The program is facilitated in collaboration with the Rural Health Unit of the Department of Health.  Due to the fact that there are very few midwives serving a large, remote, mountainous area, the needs of the Manobos in primary health care are not met.  Their average annual income is a meager 250 Euros. They hesitate to relate to the mainstream society as they find it difficult to understand its culture, structures and systems.

Other information

LOCATION: Kulaman, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines . The Manobos live in the far-flung areas that can only be accessed on foot.


The project aims at providing assistance for safe deliveries of babies and healthy conditions for the survival of mothers and their children. It also aims at ensuring them a post-natal care and supporting them with medical and nutritional assistance.


The RNDM Sisters and co-workers of Delesan Kailawan Center, including health volunteers, who are also Manobos, monitor and survey the health conditions of the mothers and children in their tribal communities.   They accompany the mothers and children in going to the health centers for pre-natal care and birth.  The team also assists in emergency birth cases.

BENEFICIARIES:  The project serves about 50 Dulangan Manobo tribe mothers and babies, an indigenous tribe residing in Kulaman valley.

REQUEST: The project requires financial support to meet all costs related to health care and medical assistance to mothers and babies.

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