RNDM Sisters established missionary involvement in the Philippines in October, 1987. Two pioneer Sisters coming from Bangladesh and India began work among the indigenous people, known as the Dulangan Menubo in the village of Kulaman in the southern island of Mindanao. This ministry, with its education, health and livelihood components, continues to this day. During the years that followed, the missionary endeavors of the Sisters have grown with eight Filipinas having joined the Congregation and other RNDMs from different parts of the world being missioned to the Philippines. For many years, too, the Philippines has also served as a place for formation and study for many RNDMs throughout the world. RNDM mission activities in the Philippines are varied. RNDMs are active in ministry among the indigenous peoples, in inter-religious dialogue and peace development, in areas of health, education, social work, spirituality and formation.






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